The Konstant Reference Series power supply accurately controls the motor and synchronization with great precision and accuracy, independent of AC line quality. The increase in sonic performance is prominent, and provides an important sonic upgrade for your Transrotor turntable.

– Principle: Regulated power supply
– Speeds: 33 rpm and 45 rpm
– Pitch: Adjustable
– Front panel: Polished Aluminum
– Dimensions: 176 x 75 x 170mm
– Weight: 5 kg


Konstant Reference M – 1, 2 & 3 Power Supply Operations Manual


Model Description  Retail
Konstant EINS Power Supply, switch for 33 & 45 rpm  $                    655
konstant Studio package Konstant – one motor  $                    855
Konstant Reference Series M1 Reference M1 – One Motor  $                1,310
Konstant Reference Series M2 package Reference M2 – One to Two Motors  $                1,925
Konstant Reference Series M3 package Reference M3 – One to Three Motors  $                2,165
konstant FMD package FMD – One to Three Motor  $                2,680


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