Selectors: On / Off, 33.3rpm and 45rpm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 105 mm x 45 mm x 170 mm
Finish: Black Solid Aluminum
Removable power cord


Konstant Studio Power Supply Manual
Konstant Studio 1 AND 2 Operating Instructions


Model Description  Retail
Konstant EINS Power Supply, switch for 33 & 45 rpm  $                    655
konstant Studio package Konstant – one motor  $                    855
Konstant Reference Series M1 Reference M1 – One Motor  $                1,310
Konstant Reference Series M2 package Reference M2 – One to Two Motors  $                1,925
Konstant Reference Series M3 package Reference M3 – One to Three Motors  $                2,165
konstant FMD package FMD – One to Three Motor  $                2,680


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