Technical data

  • Effective length: 232.8 mm (approx. 9 inches)
  • Tone arm distance: spindle to tone arm pivot point 215 mm
  • Overhang: 17,8 mm
  • Offset: 23.66 degrees
  • Zero point inside: 66 mm
  • Zero point outside: 121 mm
  • Effective mass: 18 grams (mid heavy, fitting to almost all cartridges)
  • Connection cable: length approx. 130 cm
  • Cable material: Pure silver (van den Hul)

Black Matt, Black-Gold, Black-Chrome, Black-Ruthenium

Online Reviews

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Model Description  Retail
TRA-9 Black Matt Substructure is anodized black matt.  $        7,250
TRA-9 Black/Chrome Substructure is anodized black matt. Tonearm is chrome-plated in high gloss silver  $          8,335
TRA-9 Black/Gold Substructure is anodized black matt. Tonearm and upper construction is in gold plated  $        9,000
TRA-9 Ruthenium Substructure and tonearm is in ruthenium which is a precious metal of the platinum group  $        9,275